Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

So earlier this week Rihanna and Chris Brown made headlines when they released two songs they recorded together. While both of the songs are hot, it's hard to listen to them without instantly remembering the damage he did to her beautiful face. Let's get one thing clear: I believe in forgiveness. Chris Brown made an awful decision and is paying his debt to society. I see no problem with Rihanna for forgiving him, mostly because holding a grudge can be mentally and physically draining. But to (seemingly) rekindle a romantic relationship with him is something I can't support. As a pop superstar she's an idol to many young women out there. And yes we can scream that she shouldn't be, but let's face it; she is. It's no different than the millions of little girls that sang, "I Wanna Dance with Somebody," in their hairbrushes in the 80s. Millions of girls want to be just like Rihanna. They want to dress like her. They want to dance like her. And sadly, they want her relationship. How can we condemn the little girls that tweeted such vile things about letting Chris Brown beat them when Rihanna herself is clearly sending the same message. Are we supposed to listen to the first line of C Breezy's verse on the Birthday Cake remix and not believe that he's singing about Ri-Ri? The exchanging of birthday tweets between the two of them and the pictures of them hugging all point to a reconciliation between Breezy and Rihanna. My question is, where in the world is Rihanna's daddy? How has he not come out and tried to put an end to this? Has he sat down with his daughter and told her how much he loves her and wants her to be with a man who would never do to her what Chris Brown did last February? Better yet, why hasn't he tried to kill Chris Brown? Not literally, but you get the picture. I was recently in a relationship that ended in violence and thank God my father does not live in the same state as my ex and I. And thank God even more for my mom being sane enough to talk my dad out of hopping on a plane and buying a gun once he arrived in Minneapolis. It was that crucial. And it should have been, the situation warranted that type of reaction from my dad. One thing my dad said to me repeatedly was, "I'm your daddy and I have NEVER put my hands on you so ain't no man on this Earth ever supposed to think that he should." And he's right. He hasn't ever so much as tapped my legs and although he hasn't been Dad of the Year, I know that he loves me far too much to ever see me in a situation with a man that puts his hands on me. So I could only imagine what his reaction would be if I were to ever tell him that my ex and I were getting back together. So back to my original question: where is Rihanna's daddy? Doesn't he love his little girl enough to do everything in his power to keep her away from the person who hurt her? Why isn't he protecting daddy's little girl?

Just in case you forgot what he did to her face:

Morally conflicted, cause I can't deny liking the songs...Listen for yourself...


  1. They way I understand it is Riri and her father don't have the best of relationships anyway an she was raised in a home where this went down regularly. She makin money and probably breakin daddy off some of it and if she said chill he's gonna chill cuz he doesn't want to mess up the money. Besides that this is what they are all used to. This is what Chris was used to also so its just a bunch of people used to getting their asses beat on. So everyone is expecting for them all to see the light when truth is this is the light for them. This is How all show love, beating on each other. And who am I to judge. I just wish they all had more sense than this.

  2. I thought the money may be the reason to Dana but dang, there is no amount of money in the world that would let my daddy get back with a man that put his hands on me. It's just truly sad that they are perpetuating what they saw as children.

  3. But you had a good relationship with your father. So money wouldnt be an issue. She didnt. So her daddy is just happy that she lets him be around and claim her. It's all really sad to me.

  4. Dana my dad wasn't around for most of my childhood. Our current relationship of hard work as two adults. But one thing I've always known without any doubt is that my daddy loves me and would never in a million years sell me out like that!

  5. I think its that cycle of abuse thing too. She watched her parents beat each other up. So thats normal for her.

  6. My opinion on this differs from others. I agree that a man should never lay hands on a woman. I also feel that a woman should not lay hands on a man. She admitted that she hit and provoked him. He snapped, its not excuse but I can see how that can happen. I know chicks who act like her. Who like to fight their men. For whatever reason they enjoy it.

    Second thing, parents need to do better. When your children view an entertainer as a role model and not you, you're failing at life. I'm gonna make sure my child looks up to me then I wont have to point my finger at a celeb for not being a better role model for my child.

    Third thing, why do we care so much about these 2 people? If they choose to get back together, then that is their business. It shouldn't make or break their careers if we love their music. I'm not fan of rhiana but I love chris brown ( aside from this techno bullshit he's been doing lately) and I never stopped liking him. I felt like what he did was wrong but I didn't feel like everyone else who wrote him off. Its not that deep to me. Like when all that r kelly shit was going on and people tried to act like he wasn't an awesome artist all because of some video. A persons personal issues don't reflect how I view someone as an artist and it shouldn't.

    I'll stop blogging in your comments now lol.