Monday, June 27, 2011

We have got to do better

I know, I can be rather picky and quite hard on Black people, but seriously, we have GOT to do better! Black folk are always quick to complain about how "the man" or "the establishment" is keeping us down, but boy do we make it easy for them! Let's start with that circus they called the BET Awards last night. Besides the ridiculousness of a pre-pubescent boy hopping around the stage rapping about his "Love Affair,"  the always below par rap performances (seriously how many times did Rick Ross hit the stage?), and  BET President sounding as if she's never read a teleprompter in her life, there was the mistake heard and seen across the globe. Poor Tiffany Green. She was the "lucky" fan selected to announce the Viewer's Choice Award with Rocsi and Terrence. They flew her to the show, gave her a make over, and put her in a fly dress...Unfortunately they seemed to have forgotten one important part: make sure everyone knows exactly who won the award! Tiffany announced Chris Brown, then Rihanna, only to have Terrence grab the mic and announce that Drake was the winner. Only to then have BET announce later that Tiffany was in fact correct, Chris Brown had won the award. Here's the entire 1 minute debacle in case you missed it:

I feel bad for Tiffany. I don't feel bad for BET. They played the wrong song. BET executive Stephen Hill said he, "called an audible," mistakenly believing that Rihanna had won the award. Call me crazy, but I don't ever recall seeing things like this happen on the Grammy's, the MTV Awards, or American Music Awards. Come on BET, as the "premiere" station for Black viewers you have got to do better. Run your show on a 5 second delay in order to adequately catch all of the bad words. Make your performers do more than just show up and hop around the stage. And please, please, please don't embarrass anymore fans!


  1. I don't think it was a mistake. I think it was a "joke" that was in bad taste. I think Tiffany looked stupid up there. She did what she was asked, read the damn thing and they changed the names on her. Very bad taste.

    Overall I thought the awards did alright. I'm not into "hip hop" much anymore so I FF threw most of that, but the other stuff was good. Kevin Hart was actually a good host. The skits were good. I was actually for once NOT mad at it. The BET hip hop awards though? Lord help us all!

  2. Yea they were mad late on the bleeps during the performances! And the bad thing about it was that it was taped the weekend for sure, my friend in ATL went Saturday, and they had ample time to edit the taping! To me, it was foolery!