Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stop Being the Wet Hole

"A man can find pleasure in any wet hole."

We've all heard it. A woman telling a man that he'll never find any sex better than hers. Or a woman telling her girlfriends about her "good, good," and how it has her man sprung. I've even ran across a crew that refers to themselves as the "Good Pu**y Crew." Seriously ladies. Let me tell you like my dear friend told me, a man can find pleasure in any wet hole. This was my Facebook status a few weeks ago and someone asked me to elaborate, so here we go.

For a man, good sex is pretty easy to come by. If she gets wet and does more than just lay there, the average man will enjoy it to the point of ejaculation (was that technical enough for you?). Don't get me wrong, there are certain moves that will surely blow his mind in the bed, (I've really been trying to perfect the Lynn Spin since the days of Girlfriends) but what takes sex from good to great is the work you put in before and after you get down with the get down. Thanks to my love of music and sports, as well as my time in the Air Force, I've made tons of male friends. I've been privy to conversations that were both disgusting and enlightening. My conclusion: men will lay down with a willing and able body but they'll only start relationships with women who stimulate them mentally. Unfortunately too many women aren't willing to put in the work it takes to capture and keep a man's attention outside of the bedroom. How many women are willing to step outside of their own comfort zones and learn his mental triggers? Can your man cry in front you without feeling like his masculinity is being threatened? How many women are versed in more than just reality television and fashion and are able to talk politics and gender roles with their man? How many women can chill with him and his boys on Sunday and watch the game and know that Adrian Peterson's fumble just cost the Vikings a trip to the NFC championship? And most importantly, how many women are comfortable enough in their "independence" to know that they don't "need" a man, but damn it, they want one! And when they find that man worthy enough to settle down with, how many women are willing to come home after a hard day at work, throw on that apron and make a meal so good that he has to call his mama and let her know that his lady can throw down too? Not too many. But to have almost every woman tell it, their "good good," is the best in the world. Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with knowing that you can satisfy a man in the bed, but I take comfort in knowing that I satisfy mine outside of the bedroom as well. So ladies, let's move beyond our "wet holes," and put in the work towards long lasting, healthy, happy relationships. And once we've put in that work, let's perfect our own versions of that Lynn Spin!


  1. Alicia, I love your sh*t.
    I'd say from my knowledge, sex/relationships in general between 2 women is a bit more "complex" (can't think of a better term). I'd honestly find it hard for it to just be a wet hole.