Sunday, July 3, 2011

White's Only Scholarship

I've been slacking on my writing and reading, (blame the holiday weekend and my social butterfly ways) but this was something I had to share.As a college graduate of a predominately White, private institution, and a recipient of one of those "Student of Color Scholarships" the idea of a "White's Only Scholarship," is not only offensive, it's one of the most absurd things I've heard in a minute. Not only is Marcus Carter out of his mind, so is Colby Bohannan. I'd like to ask Mr. Bohannan, how does the number of the scholarships that are established for minorities compare to the general scholarships? And how many of those general scholarships are awarded to people of color? How many universities, outside of our HBCUs have a problem recruiting and maintaining quality white students? I don't see Harvard, Yale or any of our other Ivy League institutions designating "White's Only Scholarships," and I also don't see a decline in their white student population..Go figure...And Marcus Carter, I hope you don't have younger siblings, family members, or children that are ever in need of money for school. And if they do, the better not apply for any of that minority money...I wonder how Mr. Carter will feel when he realizes that he was simply a tool in Black face used to push the agenda of White man....

Here's the news piece:

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  1. *sigh* Marcus, Marcus, Marcus... I can't help but laugh my ass off at this dude. Did he hand him a $500 check? For real?